Oct 4, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy - Nebula Fan Art

I am loving portraiture at the moment and rather than just concentrating on 'ordinary' faces, what better way to practice tonal difference and use of colour than to draw an alien? Nebula is a character from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Final Portrait

Aug 11, 2014

Miranda Sings

After a short hiatus, I jumped in this afternoon and churned out a quick some quick portrait practice. The subject is YouYuber comedian Miranda Sings (Colleen Ballinger) - check out her site here.

Miranda Sings - Colleen Ballinger

Jul 26, 2014

Maleficent Fan Art

Been a tough few weeks where real life has interrupted work on my art. Thankfully we seem to be resuming normal transmission so I've finished off a portrait that I had been working on last month.

I was inspired by the new film, Maleficent. I was worried that Angelina Jolie (never a fan) would ruin my all time favourite villain (yep i loved Maleficent before it was cool)- but the movie was fantastic and lots of fun. Jolie's portrayal was over the top but thoroughly entertaining and authentic.

Finished Piece: Angelina Jolie as Maleficent 

Work in Progress:

Jul 9, 2014

Sketch_Dailies Retweet

Sketch_Dailies retweet from week 17. I'm really happy with this one because it's not a character mash up or spoof based on someone else's work, it was an original character design. Yay.

Hobgoblin Retweet


Sketch_Dailies Week 18

This is my Sketch_Dailies submissions from 2 weeks ago. I had technical difficulties during that week with Photoshop so I ended up with only 3 pieces for the week. Urgh I hate it when you're on a roll and then you hit a bump and it throws off your momentum. I've been on holidays for a couple of weeks and here I am today blogging these Sketch_Dailies and keen to get back into the rhythm of submitting each day. The theme for this week was villains:

The Joker


Headless Horseman

Jun 23, 2014

Sketch_Dailies Week 17

Retweeted again by Twitter group @Sketch_Dailies
Rapunzel retweet

This week's topics: 

Conan Hair


Sailor Moon


Jun 18, 2014

Sketch_Dailies Week 16

Holy moly! Week 16?! Wow, even I'm impressed and I'm not usually that impressed by me. Also, another retweet- woot :) . If you're not giving the twitter group @Sketch_Dailies a go, do- it's fun and you find yourself scribbling out characters based on the strangest topics.


Here's this week's batch, topics are captioned below the illustrations:

Cat Burglar

Game of Thrones Character

Horse Head Mask

The Mummy


Jun 9, 2014

Sketch_Dailies Week 15

Back in the saddle again with daily sketch prompts from the Twitter group @Sketch_Dailies

Best thing this week? I was retweeted again :D and this time the group has grown to 17k followers so it's a bit of a thrill knowing that your artwork is being potentially seen by so many followers. You can also see the retweets on the Sketch Dailies website

Mario Retweeted






May 28, 2014

Fan Art - The Hobbit

This was the first real attempt at drawing on the Wacom Cintiq and HOLY SHIT where has it been all my life! Amazing. And such a difference to using the tablet. I now have a set up with computer and Cintiq just for art and to force myself away from using the tablet cos it's familiar, I un-installed Photoshop from my regular computer and now only have it on the new one.

It has taken a little bit of time to get used to usnig the Cintiq, but it really is an incredible drawing tool. I'm loving it. Although I did forget to do a WIP screenshot, so I will have to remember that for next time, cos it was a really good habit I had gotten into doing whilst drawing.

Tauriel from The Hobbit

Missed most of Sketch_Dailies Week 14

Oops, don't you hate it when real life gets in the way of what you would rather be doing? That happened for me this week- I only got 3 Sketch_Dailies done. I am pleased the I have made the move to my new Wacom Cintiq :) so good.

Will pick it up this week or the next I think. Here's the ones for last week:



Mother Earth